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Genital Herpes: When will you treat it?


There are certain medications which you can take in order to reduce the infection. They are Famciclovir, Acyclovir and the Valacyclovir. All of these 3 are obtainable in the tablet form. If the infection becomes severe, IV medication acyclovir is given.

Do you know when to treat genital herpes?

There are 2 stages of treatment, the initial treatment, then the intermittent one and lastly the suppressive treatment.

When-will-you-treat-genital-herpes1Initial handling: If your genital herpes is diagnosed and if you have sores, the doctors will prescribe the antibiotics for at least one week to 10 days so that you can get relief or the sores don’t get aggravated. In case the sores do not lessen in that time, you might have to take the medicines for a few more days.

After the initial treatment: Once the initial therapy is over, you have to consult with your doctor to know what the best antiviral therapy will be for you. In this case also there are 2 options to choose from. They are:

Intermittent option: In this kind of therapy, your physician will ask you to keep some antiviral medicines handy if by chance the sores recur. Thus, if you feel that you are having the sores again you can take those drugs for 2 – 5 days as per your need. The sores will eventually go away and the pain will be lessened as well and since you are taking the medicines, it is unlikely to aggravate the situations.

Suppressive therapy: there is another option which is called the suppressive treatment. Do you suffer from these sores very often? Yes! Then you need to anti-viral medicine on the regular basis to keep the situation under control. This is in medical term known as suppressive therapy. If any patient suffers from these sores 6-7 times in a year, this particular therapy will reduce it by almost 80%. Not only that, if you continue to take the pills on the regular basis, you will be free from the infection of genital herpes.

Words of caution

However, you must keep in mind that there is no fixed date or time or number of this infection. So, it is not possible to decide which therapy will work for you. Based on the occurrence of the sores and based on their severity, the therapy will be determined by the doctor.