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Varicella Zoster Virus: How Can I Treat It?


varicella-zoster-shinglesI was a lot like you at some point in time, I wanted to understand what the Varicella Zoster virus was all about; mainly because I usually tend to focus on cold sores. It’s a well known fact that chickenpox and shingles are forms of the herpes simplex virus, and that means it’s incredibly contagious. Varicella-Zoster is essentially the reason why chickenpox or shingles will be alive in your body, so if you had either as a child (or an adult), the virus has already gotten into your system. Chickenpox is usually referred to as being a childhood disease, but it’s a known fact that some people can contract the virus when they’re in their early adult years. You can finally understand this virus for what it truly is, because this article should cover about everything you need to know.

Don’t let a virus like this control you, take your life by the reigns! Chickenpox and shingles can be relatively scary, but understanding them is half of the battle. Chickenpox and shingles are common occurrences in today’s society, but being prepared for them never hurt anybody. VZV (Varicella-Zoster Virus) is the sole cause of chickenpox and shingles, there’s absolutely no other reason these viruses could develop in the body.


Hydrocortisone creams are the most common form of treatment, as well as calamine lotions. You aren’t supposed to scratch the lesions on your body, as it’ll spread the infection and make things worse in the process. Antihistamines that are taken orally can be used as well, as they’ve been proven to reduce itching (butch children shouldn’t make use of them). Oatmeal baths aren’t just for the films, they can actually help with the itching that the virus induces inside the body. The itchiness can be absolutely unbearable at times, and an oatmeal bath could soothe that problem quickly.

Also, the most important thing to remember that is you shouldn’t scratch the blisters that appear on your body. Like we’ve said, the virus is very contagious and that’s a good way to go about passing it to everybody around you; but that isn’t the only reason why you shouldn’t scratch. It could also lead to something much more sinister, like a secondary infection that you’ll also have to deal with. There’s also the risk of scarring, which just doesn’t look pretty. There are also specific creams on the market that target those suffering from shingles, and a lot of them manage to deliver on their promises; the only thing is that a lot of them don’t work all that often. Most will work once or twice and then lose their “magic”, but I’ve got one to recommend. Dermachange is always making great products, and the Dermachange Shingles Relief Cream is a creation that you might want to look into.

 The product has plenty of natural ingredients that have a holistic value, it’ll ease your mind knowing your shingles is being taken care of, as well as your body.