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Treating Your VZV: A Look at Three Different Creams


Today we’ll compare three different creams that are used in Treating Your VZV ailments, and you’ll get to see the difference between all of them. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to the VZV treatment market, and picking the right product to make use of isn’t always that easy. Well, this article is here to make it easier on you! We’ll break down three different creams to the tee, letting you know about ingredients and what they can do in regards to your VZV needs. Different creams are going to come with different attributes, and these attributes are going to have an impact on your Varicella-Zoster Virus symptoms in various ways.

If you’re using the wrong cream, you probably aren’t going to get the desired results that you’ve craved for so long. Take a look at the pro’s (and in some cases, the cons) that these different creams have going for them; odds are you’ll find one that you can use on a regular basis.

Red Rock Organic Manuka Honey Skin Cream

red-rockThis is a neat brand, because you can have instant relief from most of those pesky skin problems. Things like eczema and psoriasis would apply to this cream when it comes to means of treatment, and there are two very “hard-selling” ingredients included within. The Manuka honey is one of the main selling points, as it’ was actually approved by the FDA not too long ago. This just goes to prove that the healing properties are real, and it’s actually used for burn victims in hospitals (due to it’s skin soothing manner). There’s also “Old Man Weed” included within, which will help reduce any itching or pain that comes with your skin problems. “Old Man Weed” is a type of Australian flower that resembles a daisy, and the Aboriginals have been using it for centuries.

Aloe Vera is also another key ingredient to take note of in this cream, as a lot of creams don’t make use of the healing herb.

Red Rock Organic:
 Organic ingredients, relief from shingles rashes, also has Manuka honey in it
(-) Doesn’t soothe pain as well – still works, great for those interested in minimizing the use of regular medicine

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wonder-salveThe name itself is enough to sell a few boxes worth, and this is another cream that makes use of Manuka honey. It’s a very common form of treating VZV in a natural sense, which is worth the twist if you want to stay away from medicinal side effects. There’s also propolis inside of the cream, all you need to do is put a reasonable amount on your problematic areas. If you’ve got shingles (which almost every single person with  VZV has to deal with), this is going to be a wonder product. Propolis will kill any bacteria or germs that might be involved with your Varicella-Zoster Virus on the surface, meaning your ailments won’t be as severe as they usually are. It’s one of the leading creams for a reason, and all of the ingredients incorporated within are the highest-quality around.

Includes Propolis: an ingredient that kills off bad bacteria
(+) Manuka honey in it like all of the others, also reasonably priced
(-) Lacks the superbug killing power of Dermachange

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This Shingles-Creamis probably the best creams out of the three, mainly because its the one I know best. Like all of the others, there’s Manuka honey incorporated within this product; but it has a unique twist that the other creams don’t. Shingles and VZV have never been able to be hit with such a powerful cream, and Dermachange can go that extra mile. If there are any “superbugs” in your system (which are bacteria/bugs that grow and mutate into something much more superior), this cream actually has the ability to stop them in their tracks. If your shingles are painful, as they usually are, this cream is going to soothe your pain as well. (you can find a more in-depth review for Dermachange cream here)

Dermachange Cream:
(+) Manuka honey
(+) Soothes pain at a higher rate
(+) Easy to apply and reasonably priced

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