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ProsurX: 4-Hour Cold Sore Treatment


Having the ability to blemish a cold sore in no less than 4 hours is astounding, which is why this product is so highly recommended. If you’re dealing with herpes this is the perfect product for you to make use of, because there’s really no down-side to it. All of the symptoms that come alongside suffering from HSV-1 will be dealt with through the use of this product, just try it for yourself. The benefits are something that you’re always going to be on the look out for, because having the ability to soothe your cold sores is always nice (especially if you’re constantly breaking out). It’s one of the most embarrassing things you could ever have to go through, because cold sores just don’t look that appealing. People will look your way in public, and sometimes they might even comment on it. That’s why a product like this is so useful, because it will:

  • Completely control the outbreak with only one use, and there are about 50 uses per bottle
  • Heal your cold sores and herpes outbreaks with absolute ease
  • Only uses ingredients that have been approved by the FDA
  • Lessens the amount of burning, tingling and itching that you’ll face with cold sore outbreaks
  • Will actually target the virus on both layers, both lower and the surface
  • No lingering odor, you won’t need to smell like the product all day!

You canProsurX-herpes-treatment finally control your cold sore break outs with one simple application of this cream, the reviews speak for themselves. On average it’s sporting a 4/5 review, something that can’t be said for plenty of other “cold sore control” products on the market. This works as soon as you apply it, you don’t need to sit around and wait for the healing properties to work their magic. That’s one thing that’s often overlooked when it comes to fever blister/ cold sore treatment products, the fact that they should work almost immediately. You don’t need to be waiting for an hour or two for the medicine to actually settle in, you want results and you want them now!

There aren’t any side effects, such as easily bruising or fainting/vomiting. You’ll feel exactly like you always do, which is something that can’t be said for many other products of this magnitude. It’s freshly scented and dries much quicker than other competing products, and that’s people prefer to use this product over any other companies. The product should be used as soon as you feel the tingling sensation that comes before an outbreak, catching it before it’s actually made its way to the surface is always going to make things easier. In the event that you do have an outbreak after usiProsurX-cold-sore-treatmentng this product, you’ll notice that it’s going to be minimized (as in not as severe as your other breakouts).

Trust me on this one, ProsurX is going to make sure your breakouts are accounted for. It’s hard enough having to deal with them in the past, so build a brighter future today! You might have gone through an abundance of products before landing on this one, but you can rest knowing that this is the most ideal one on the market. Every single time you get a flare up, just apply the product (it takes seconds) and you’re good to go.

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