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5 Ways to Treat Recurring Cold Sores


recurring-cold-soresCold sores that are constantly recurring will always be annoying, regardless of how severe the infection happens to be. Some people are lucky and only have a few breakouts as life progresses, whereas others are dealing with cold sores on a daily basis. There are many different ways to try and treat your cold sore ailments, and there are even things you can do at home to try and handle the problem. Homemade remedies like the ones we’re going to talk about are never mentioned by health care professionals, because in the end they’re like mechanics. The more pills a doctor can get you taking, the better. (for them, that is). You’re paying for the prescription every single time, and that (in turn) funds the medical system that we know and love so much.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ridden of those recurring cold sores quicker than you would think possible, but some more severe infection might call for much more drastic measures. Cold sores are tough enough to deal with as it is, so when they’re constantly popping up, you need to make some sort of a difference.

  • Avoid Any Triggers – There are things on this planet that can trigger a herpes simplex virus break out, and keeping those things in check will be your goal here. There are so many different ways to go about triggering the virus that it’s a bit tricky to manage, as some of the things you’ve got to avoid are: Stress or trauma to the body, fatigue, changed regarding your immune system, dental work and even infections (like the cold or flu) could result in a break out.
  • Eat Licorice – Apparently, consuming licorice will help you with your cold sore problems, as the glycyrrhizic acid (sounds funny, I know) within the sweet is able to stump the herpes simplex virus. Chew on a licorice whip whenever you feel an outbreak coming on, odds are the acid is going to nullify the effect of the virus in your nerves.
  • Ice Up! – Getting an ice pack on the area as quickly as you can is important, as it can reduce swelling and potentially reverse the breakout, stopping it before it’s even had the ability to surface. It’ll also provide some pain relief, so bust out those popsicles and get ready to fight back!
  • Milk – Milk is known to stop intense burning when it comes to eating hot peppers and such, but it also works for tingling cold sore sensations. Drink some ice cold milk and make sure that you get a “milk mustache” going, it should ease the uncomfortable feeling you get when cold sores develop.
  • Zinc – Zinc is a nutrient that can combat herpes simplex pretty well, because stress has the ability to lower your immune system. Zinc lozenges will make it much easier for your body to heal, as well as fight infections. Zinc is a wonderful supplement, and it’s easy to obtain as well.